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Pallet Stacker

  • Owing to the foot pedal, lifting is simple.
  • Transporting loads through confined spaces
  • Optimal height for the handle for effective pumping
  • Pallet stacking is simple.
  • Smaller-than-average stacker
  • Pallet storage is simple and secure while not in use.
  • All pallet handling is done on the ground.
  • Lessens damage to pallets
  • Pallet stacking capacity of up to 15
  • Different pallet sizes
  • Stackers for full loads
  • Integrating lines

Pallet stackers are in high demand on the market because of their excellent load carrying capacity, sturdy design, and easy operation. The stacker is appropriate for many industrial uses. Additionally, because of its features, the Pallet Stacker is perfect for transporting and stacking both heavy and duty equipment. In essence, a pallet stacker is a pallet truck with lifting components.

Production speed 3 to 4 Pallets / min
Power supply 440V, 3Ph, 50Hz
Pallet size (mm) L = 1200, W = 1200, H = 130
Loading height 300mm
Air compressing 6 bar
Air consumption 450 NL / min
Machine dimension (mm) L2800 x W1500 x H2900
Machine weight 250Kg