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Pallet dispensers are a crucial piece of machinery for a productive and economical supply chain. Modern warehouses and distribution facilities can benefit from a variety of pallet dispenser types to meet their various requirements. For instance, if your business uses pallets of various sizes, an adjustable magazine pallet dispenser may be the finest option to meet your precise requirements.

It can be difficult to know what to look for in a pallet dispensing machine and what kind of pallet handling equipment will work best for your company. Consider where in your facility you'll use your pallet dispenser and what other industrial equipment you intend to use before moving on. Various pallet dispensers each have a unique

The two types of pouch packaging machines are premade pouch packing machines and form fill seal machines. The form fill seal machine is used to manufacture pouches from a roll of film, whereas the premade pouch packaging machine is used to package things that are already in a pouch.

Production speed 3 to 4 Pallets / min
Power supply 440V, 3Ph, 50Hz
Pallet size (mm) L = 1200, W = 1200, H = 130
Loading height 300mm
Air compressing 6 bar
Air consumption 450 NL / min
Machine dimension (mm) L2800 x W1500 x H2900
Machine weight 250Kg


  • High and low level palletizers
  • Small footprint palletizers
  • Multi line (shuttle & rotary) palletizers
  • Pail palletizers
  • Bulk palletizers
  • Pallet conveyor systems
  • Full load stackers
  • Line integration